Athena Promacos always in the forefront, the first in combat.

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"Ours ground Hesperio
at your deity devotes a temple,
wit, virtue, rare prudence,
which devote
Athens generous example
armed donzella that motherless
He was born from the head of his father.
And it's not much to like this honor is,
since it will render the virgin Athena.
Of yours appropriate, oh single light,
divine virtue that my desire
ignites new ardor and glorious."
Fernando de Herrera (c. 1567-1597)
"It was Cain the fratricide, the founder of the state, say the enemies of this. And you have to accept it and return it glory of the State, son of war. The civilization begins the day that a man, holding to another and forcing you to work for two contemplation could wander the world and force his work subjected to luxury. It was slavery that allowed him to speculate about the ideal Plato Republic, and was the war that brought slavery. Not for nothing is Athena the goddess of war and science. But Will it be necessary to repeat once more these truths so obvious , a thousand times a thousand other neglected and become reborn?" Miguel de Unamuno ,The tragic sense of life, 1913